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University of Göttingen virtual courses

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University of Göttingen will offer virtual courses on Intercultural and Key Competencies for nominated exchange students.


The courses include topics such as Introduction to Intercultural Competence, German language courses and new, courses in life sciences!  Below you will find the course and enrolment information.

Course List: Detailed course information (description, dates, times, credits) is on our website.


Enrolment: Students should register via the registration form. Please note that spaces in each course are limited and are given out on a first come, first served basis.


Fees: We don’t charge tuition but there is a state administrative fee. This fee is prorated based on the number of courses (weekly lecture hours) a student wises to take.

· Enrolment in up to 4 weekly lecture hours: 75 €/semester

· Enrolment in up to 10 weekly lecture hours (not more than 12 ECTS): 150 € /semester

· Enrolment in a full course load of co-curricular and/or regular courses (i.e. more than 12 ECTS): 325,11 €/semester


Credits/ECTS: Students who complete a course are eligible to receive a transcript from the University of Göttingen.


Please note that the course list will be regularly updated (and expanded!) in the next few weeks.


If you are interested in taking the virtual courses, please submit the questionnaire before 23:59 September 25.