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Visiting School

 Application Requirement

Tuition Fee



Undergraduate 2nd grade (including & above), SOE

GPA 3.5 以上 GPA above 3.5


$ 23,200/学期 Semester


大二(含)以上经院本科生【Undergraduate 2nd grade (including & above), SOE

GPA 3.3以上【GPA above 3.3

TOEFL iBT: 100 + IELTS: 7 +


$13,756 – 23,868/学期Semester




Undergraduate 2nd grade (including & above), SOE

GPA 2.6以上且无不及格科目

GPA above 2.6 (with no failed course


20,000加元 Canadian dollar /学期 Semester


GPA 3.0及以上【GPA above 3.0TOEFL 90 or LELTS 7

Berkeley Haas Global Access Program (BHGAP) (business/entrepreneurship) BHGAP is UCB's entrepreneurship program focused on business topics; courses are taken at the Haas School of Business. This program allows you to gain exposure to Silicon Valley companies.

Berkeley Global Access Program (BGA) (most academic subjects) This program allows you to explore a variety of UC Berkeley courses and subjects based on your academic interests.

BHGAP has a set curriculum with core courses set aside for you and allows opportunities for electives, while BGA has no defined courses for you to take.

BGA allows you to choose courses from multiple subject areas from the UC Berkeley course catalog. A couple of weeks before the start of classes, you will be required to submit an application for every course you take. It is very important to note that courses are available on a space available basis. It is possible to not be able to enroll in your first choice courses, so it is important to be flexible in the courses you are willing to take.

BHGAP has set core courses (3-4 courses) and a list of specific Haas elective courses to choose from (2-3 courses). BHGAP also allows you to enroll in one elective course outside of the Haas School of Business. Enrollment for the elective outside of Haas is the same process as the BGA course enrollment described above.

BHGAP is a cohort program and BGA is not. This means that through BHGAP you will have most classes with other BHGAP international students. Since the BGA program has no set curriculum/courses all BGA students take different courses and your classes will be a mix of American and international students.

BHGAP has a set program price of $21,900 while BGA's program price of $13,900 – $18,400 depends on the number of units that you enroll in.

$21,900/学期 Semester for BHGAP, and $13,900-18,400 for BGA




Undergraduate 2nd grade (including & above), SOE



19,728英镑/学年 Academic   year



3rd-year undergraduate students of Insurance or Finance can apply. The students spend the 2nd semester of the third year and  the 1st semester of the fourth year, or the entire 4th year at Ulm as an exchange student. Upon successful completion of Fudan's bachelor degree, the students will have a further year's study at Ulm as degree students and the successful completion will lead to a Master's in Finance degree from Ulm. If the students visit during the 4th year, Fudan's graduation procedure will be done remotely online.



Tuition free


170 Euro/semester Management fee + Service fee



Visit in the fourth year for up to one year. The defense of Fudan's graduation thesis can be done online for students spending the 4th year of Fudan's undergraduate study in this program. Upon successful completion of the Fudan bachelor degree, the students will be eligible to apply for admission to the UW-Madison graduate degree, "M.S. Agricultural and Applied Economics Professional Option".

Applicants must have a GPA above 3 in all mathematics, statistics and economics courses; TOEFL 85 or above, IELTS 6.5 or above.


$38,000/学年 Academic year

语言要求、学费金额可能每年变动,请查看对方网站  Eligibility and tuition fees are subject to change. Please check the websites.

Students of SOE are encouraged to apply for other visiting programs on their own and the International Programs Office at the school will provide assistance where needed. For more information about studying as a visiting student at a foreign university, please refer to, and